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July 2019 Newsletter

Greetings from the crew at

We hope everyone has been enjoying these summer months! Montana has had a mild, beautiful Season and an abundance of Wildflowers! Our home garden is just now beginning to flourish and we are seeing the first results of newly created beds, heirloom seeds, and 4 years of composting!!! Truly a work in progress!

We hope to continue to run our business in a similar fashion, improving and growing, while preserving the time-honored spirit of “old-school” leatherworking that has been the back-bone of this company since 1962.  New projects are on the horizon for us, including some changes in our ladies purse line! Please stay tuned!

Also – Thank you Helena!!  We have had a blast at our local Farmer’s Market so far this year!! Thank you for coming by our booth and giving us so much feedback on our products! It is always important for us to hear what our customers have to say! We are a family-owned company and we love what we do!!!!!!!

Speaking of family, a special thank you to “our” Mariah for all her work in helping us get products ready for the farmer’s market, including creating/tearing down our booth and working with customers!! All of which she does with a smile and a willingness wrapped in enthusiasm!  Also, we want to give a loving nod to our son, Chad, for his continual support of us AND for his graduation and employment as a licensed Montana RN!!! We are so proud of you!!

We have much to be grateful for!!!!!

Wishing You Health and Happiness